10 Tips for Building a Great Relationship with Your Parents In-Laws

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Learning to get along with your in-laws is one of the biggest challenges faced by young couples. As they say, it takes two hands to clap. If you are not willing to adjust a little bit, you can never have great relationships with your in-laws. So let’s talk about some tips that will help you to build a great relationship with your in-laws.


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The first and foremost thing to do is accept the fact that your parents will never be yours, but they are already your family now. So accept them as they are. If you expect something from them, ask politely so that you maintain the grace of communication.

Be a listener:

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Being a good listener is one of the best ways to get along with people. Take interest in their day when you are talking to them and have small talks when you meet them so that they don’t feel detached from your family. Show genuine interest in their work, hobbies or what they like or don’t like.

Give respect:

Always give respect to your parents-in-law, regardless of how young or old they are. For example, never talk about their age or criticize each other for anything, not even their physical appearance. Remember they are still your family and you will be judged by the way you talk about them.

Avoid comparison:

It’s better to accept them as they are instead of comparing them with your parents; they might be completely different people and you can never change that. So don’t give it a try, chances are you will end up hurting your in-laws unintentionally for nothing. Value what they know rather than thinking about what is better or worse.

Complement them:

Complementing is a good way to make your parents-in-law feel special. It makes them understand that you value their presence and their contribution to your life. It acts as an ice breaker and helps the entire family get along with each other more easily and lightly.

Share your past:

You might not want to talk about your past or your previous relationships, but talking about it with your in-laws is better than avoiding the topic completely. It helps them understand that you have an emotional bond with their son/daughter and you share a lot of things together, both good and bad.

Don’t be straightforward:

If you have anything bothering you or if there is something that you don’t like, avoid being straightforward. It might create an awkward situation which nobody will want to face. Be nice about your thoughts and express them in the best possible way so that they understand what you are trying to say.

Happy Wife, Happy Life:

If you want to have a great relationship with your in-laws, always keep the wife happy. This statement might be a little offensive for some readers, but it’s true that when a woman is happy in her life, everything seems good around her. And when she is unhappy things can get awkward pretty quickly. So if you want to have a great relationship with your in-laws, keep the wife happy all the time.

Be flexible:

Remember that being inflexible can be very offensive to your parents-in-law and they might not appreciate it at all. If you have any plans or events, discuss them with your in-laws and ask them to give you a little time, so that they can adjust their schedule too.

Quality Time:

As busy as we are, nobody really has time for anyone these days. But it’s important for new couples to make some quality time where the entire family comes together and shares each other’s company. It not only helps the couple get along with each other’s family but it also strengthens their relationship on a long-term basis.

Be supportive:

Your support is very important to them, especially if your in-laws are less educated or have no work at all, support them as much as you can without offending your parents. For example, if you are financially sound, provide them with ticket expenses or help them out in times of need. It will not only make your relationship stronger but also help your parents in-law feel less used to you even though they might be accepting money from their son’s wife.

Don’t talk about other’s family:

If you are related to them through your marriage , then they are one of your closest relatives. So don’t talk about their son/daughter in-law or his/her family members, it might create problems among the entire family.

Keep an open communication line:

Communication is the key to every relationship and keeping your communication line open while dealing with your in-laws will make it stronger. Remember that no problem is too big; we can always fix things and improve our relationship if we try hard enough. So treat every argument like a healthy discussion and watch how it brings you closer to each other.

Avoid being judgmental:

If there is any problem, it might be because you are not giving them enough respect. Try to avoid being judgmental or think that everything is right in their life and do not judge the decisions they make. It will only worsen your relationship with them which you cannot afford at all.

Give importance:

Never ignore your parent’s opinion just because they are not educated or because they are old. Remember that for every person his family matters the most; no matter how much he wants to get away from them, their opinions still count. So always give your parents in-laws enough importance and make them feel like their opinion matters a lot to you.


No one wants to think about their relationship with their parents ending, but having a good relationship with your partner’s parents is the next best thing if something does happen. You can even save each other from an argument or a fight that doesn’t need to happen in the first place. Being compassionate and empathetic towards others feelings goes a long way. Remember you both started your relationship together and will end it together, so take care of each other always.

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