5 Stages Of Child Development | Learn to understand your child 5 Stages Of Child Development | Learn to understand your child

5 Stages Of Child Development

5 Stages of Child Development

The different stages of child development can be very confusing and hence, it’s essential that new parents stay on top of every single detail of how their child is growing.

Babies develop very quickly in the first one or two years of their lives. Every day brings new child development milestones and it is important that parents are aware of which stage of growth their child is in. This enables them to help their baby grown and develop more efficiently. Read on for useful information on the 5 important stages of child development.

Newborn – Child Development

This is the first month of the child’s life. The biggest milestone in this child development stage is that the child begins to respond to stimuli such as sound and touch. They can recognize things they see, communicate their immediate needs using face gestures and recognize smells.

5 Stages Of Child Development
5 Stages Of Child Development


The next 12 months of a child’s life is known as the infant stage of development. During this stage, a child develops more complex responses to stimuli. They respond to their name, control their head movement and have the ability to sit up without any support.

Between 6 to 12 months of age, they also begin making babbling sounds. In the last three months of this child development stage, they also learn to crawl and stand up. It is during the same time that a child develops the ability to hold things in their hands.

Toddler And Preschool

A child is in the toddler stage of development between the ages of 1 and 3 years. During this stage, a child still doesn’t have total control over their body but can walk (or wobble) on their own, jump around, climb on to things and do simple activities. They are also able to construct small and simple sentences and enjoy ritualistic behaviors such as bedtime stories.

The preschool stage of child development is but an advanced toddler stage, between the ages 3 and 5 years. Here, a child begins to develop better motor skills, such as enhanced conversational and vocational skills. By this time, a child is also ready to be potty trained and can also dress themselves.

School-Going Stage Of Child Development

A child begins going to school between the ages of 6 and 12 years. This is when they start to mature and gain characteristics according to their gender. While they get a better grasp of their motor skills, they also become more inquisitive to learn more about what’s happening around them. It is that this stage that they begin to develop friendships with other children, preferably of their own gender.


This stage of child development begins at the age of 13 to 18. This is the most confusing stage of child development and a stage where most of the development happens, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. A child begins growing sexually and may start having emotions for someone of the opposite gender. This is also the stage where they start developing individual preferences and opinions. Studies suggest that this is the stage where a child develops his own personality. 

5 Stages Of Child Development
5 Stages of Child Development

Adolescence is the most challenging stage of parenting.  A parent needs to find the perfect balance between treating their child as a child as well as a mature individual. This is also the time when a child is exposed to a lot of peer pressure and is confused about what is best for him.


It is important for parents to be aware of the different milestones associated with each stage of development. Understanding psychology across the various types of development can help to raise children more effortlessly. There are various sources that offer parenting counseling to new parents too.

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