Affirming Your Family’s Commitment to Inclusive Family Care

All Kids Care

“All Kids Care of Orlando – PPEC – is the highest quality area provider in the Jacksonville area for children with special needs and/or health challenges. We serve children ranging from infants to teens. We strive to be a “family-oriented” agency that supports your child’s needs in a gentle and nurturing way, while providing top-quality services for your family. For our services, please visit All Kids’ website or call us at (352) 782-5200.

Our mission: “We are committed to making the lives of all of our clients and their families as an inclusive family, with the focus on helping each individual to achieve his or her full potential through treatment and support.” “OUR THOUGHTFUL PARTNER.” “OUR FRIEND,” “OUR FATHER,” “OUR WIFE,” “OUR Loved One.”

Our commitment to inclusive family includes: Individualized family planning, including preemie screening, prenatal visits, consultation with a physician, a family home health nurse, referrals for medical equipment, referrals for nutrition and fitness programs and/or referral for an advocate, and individualized education. Our commitment to inclusive family education means, “We will educate our clients about the risks and benefits of reproductive health and pregnancy, childbearing and childrearing.”

Making Your Family Comfortable

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Our commitment to inclusive family care means, “We will work with you to make your family feel comfortable and know your needs are being met. our goal is that your family knows your wishes and needs and wants.” “Our primary goal is to make your life better by giving your family the ability to live a fulfilling and fulfilled life.” “Our ultimate goal is to ensure that each of your family members feels secure in their place in this world and that your family is able to reach its full potential in all aspects of their lives.”

Our commitment to inclusive family care also includes, “We will provide services to support your family when you are not around to help make life better and to provide resources for the children when your family is not around to support them. This may include financial support, referrals, education, and support for health-related issues. When we are not there our staff provides services such as: Assisting with homework, reading, shopping, transportation, bathing, feeding, and bathing, preparing food, cleaning, playing games, preparing meals, bathing and dressing, taking care of appointments, shopping for clothing and other necessities, driving to appointments, and many other tasks. We have staff that has had many years of experience in your care.”

Our commitment to an inclusive family is: “We work with your family in an open, honest, supportive manner, providing a positive and nurturing environment where you can be yourself.” “We offer ongoing care for your family, both physically and mentally. and spiritually so that you can enjoy the best days and times of your life without neglecting others who will take advantage of these moments.”

Providing Love And Support

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Our commitment to inclusive family care also includes: “We make every effort to provide a loving, supportive, nonjudgmental, and safe environment for your family. We provide activities and games that encourage creativity and cooperation.” “We encourage healthy communication between you and your children.” “Our goal is to empower your family to make the best decisions possible in their own lives, making your family’s life better for all.”

The second part of our commitment to an inclusive family is: “We work with you to make sure that you have the resources to provide for your family’s needs. This includes meeting the needs of your children.

Our commitment to an inclusive family is: “We strive to provide you with the resources that you need to provide for your family’s needs, such as; health care, food, education, clothing, and other daily necessities. The resources are available through a network of providers.

Final Verdict

If we are not there to support your family through these difficult times, you may find yourself in the position of having to go it alone without support or help from other family. We understand that the loss of a loved one can be devastating for anyone but it is especially devastating for families who care for their families.

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