Bad Parent: A Comparative Study Of Myth Or Harsh Reality

Single Parenting – Positive And Negative Effects On Child Development

A bad parent is not a metamorphosis and is a harsh reality in today’s world. Surprisingly, a concerned parent does not even understand the severe effects of bad parenting in his or her child’s life.

Later, when they are teenagers or adults, they are already carrying the burden of lousy parenting with them. At that time, the parent may feel guilty or try to reconcile, but it is very late by that time, and maybe your child can turn into a bad parent in the future.

So, how will you understand or sense the harmful parenting effect on your child? 

If you start to notice your child is lying repetitively or hiding from you, then it’s a symptom of bad parenting. Maybe when he or she spoke the truth, you did not appreciate that in the past. Or also in some way you embarrassed, heckled, or hit her in front of everybody.

These things generally affect your child a lot. And this situation forces him to lie and hide from you eventually. Don’t always scream or scold him unnecessarily, try to encourage him as much as possible. That will boost up his or her confidence.

Bad Parent: A Comparative Study Of Myth Or Harsh Reality
Bad Parent: A Comparative Study Of Myth Or Harsh Reality

Bad Parent: Some Detailed Characteristics

Here are some more facts to check for bad parenting. Always give enough time and attention to your kids. Listen to them with lots of patience and ask them regularly what is going on in their school and other places.

Keep them in control, but doing that with lots of love is also very necessary. Remember, your child is a mere human being, not a robot or machine to fulfill your expectations every single time. Be patient and loving so that they are not afraid of you, or share something with you.

To gain your child’s confidence and loyalty is another imperial key for a good parent.

Always be the pillar of your child on which he can always fall back. Don’t do everything on his behalf though, that will make him crippled and unworthy. Be with him, watch over him closely, encourage him if he falls, or fails to be there every time to catch her.

How To Solve This

Bad Parent: A Comparative Study Of Myth Or Harsh Reality
Bad Parent: A Comparative Study Of Myth Or Harsh Reality

To solve this at first, change your habits which you think is harmful to your child. Then after you make your mind, it is never too late to start over. Sit with your child and have a detailed conversation with him.

Ask him about his likes and dislikes, and then you both work towards this accordingly.

You can ask about his friends and school class or his favorite cartoon, something you two can bond over and have a laugh about it.

Always remember, don’t give any chance to develop any anxiety o depression in your child’s mind.

These kinds of things are lethal at an early age. If necessary and if you notice something is not right, immediately consult a child counselor. Give your child lots of love, patience, and attention to make him a good human being.

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