Best Kids Sports According To Your Child’s Age

Best Kids Sports According To Your Child’s Age

Kids sports is an important aspect of child development. Studies have shown that children who participated in some kind of sport develop better. This could be any kind of sport. Parents are spoilt for choice when it comes to deciding which sport to enroll their child. Therefore, it is important to know which sport is the most age-appropriate for your children.

Best Kids Sports According To Your Child’s Age
Best Kids Sports According To Your Child’s Age

A kids sport that will help a 10-year-old may not be appropriate for a 2-year-old. Additionally, it is important to know when to start encouraging your child to take up a sport. It’s too early to force a sport on your kid before the age of 2 years. Read on the best kids sports according to your child’s age.

Kids Sports For Children Aged 2 To 5 Years

At this age, your little one may be too young to enjoy an organized sport. He’s just getting a hang on basic body movements so don’t stress about kids sports at this age. Don’t worry about enrolling him in many after-school activities. Studies show there are no long-term sports benefits related to this.

However, kids of this age would enjoy and benefit from sports like running, throwing and catching, dancing, swimming and tumbling. It’s also possible that your kid may show an inclination towards an organized sport at this age too. Don’t discourage. Always promote a conformable and encouraging atmosphere for your child.

Kids Sports For Children Aged Between 6 And 9 Years

At this age, children have been transitional skills. They also have an extended attention span and can concentrate on something for longer. They can understand and follow instructions too. This may be a good time to introduce them to some form of organized kids sports. However, there’s still no rush to enroll them in one.

Some of the best sports for this age include football, running, touch rugby, swimming, gymnastics, martial arts, and tennis. Let your kids choose what interests them the most.

Kids Sports For Children Above 10 Years Of Age

By this time, your child understands strategies associated with a particular sport and has better vision, balance, and coordination. It is at this age that they’re ready to take up a full-time organized sport for kids. Volleyball, hockey, basketball, football, and netball are some great kids sports options.

As a parent, refrain from enrolling them in too many sports or activities. Choose sports that promote proper early childhood development and let them enjoy it.


Best Kids Sports According To Your Child’s Age
Best Kids Sports According To Your Child’s Age

Remember, children are very fickle-minded at this age. Their interest in a sport may change from day to day. That’s alright. Expose them to various sports and see what they enjoy the most.  This will allow your child to test their skills and enjoy more activities. Also, take into consideration how much your child will enjoy a sport based on his abilities and maturity level. 

Be positive and encourage your child to take up whichever sport he enjoys the most. Empower your child to make this decision himself. By doing so, you’re ensuring that your child will enjoy the game more without feeling pressurized to play that sport.

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