Breastfeeding Tips You Should Know For Newborn Care

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As a new mother, you’ll most likely be required to breastfeed your baby. Even though breastfeeding comes naturally and most women breastfeed their babies, you still have to learn to do it the right way. It is not just about the baby latching on to your breast, it is also about knowing when to feed your baby, how to do so and how long the activity should last.

If the breastfeeding act is not done right, it may cause pain especially for the mothers. We want you to relax and just note down some tips that’ll make the activity easier and pain free. We discuss breastfeeding tips you should know for newborn care.

Pay Attention To Your Baby’s Needs

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Your baby does not need to cry before you detect their hunger. Babies display several signs that may indicate hunger; like sticking out their tongues, raising their heads incessantly, sucking on near objects, and even opening and closing their mouth repeatedly. You should take time to monitor which sign your baby shows.

When your baby gives out the hunger sign, you should offer your breast immediately. This gladdens your baby; not having to struggle to get his needs. Ultimately, the mother-baby bond between the both of you will grow deeper.

Let Your Baby Determine How Often And How Long To Breastfeed

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This tip is especially for new mothers. When you start breastfeeding, your baby naturally knows how often and how long they need to feed, so let them determine it. You should not set a predetermined interval between feeding your baby, and consequently deny your baby their needed food when they need it.

Summarily, your baby knows their needs better than you do. So do not fret when your baby only allows a few minutes of nursing or go on for as long as forty minutes.

Be Comfortable While Breastfeeding

Holding your baby to your breast as they feed is no easy feat. Hence, sit in a comfortable position before breastfeeding your baby. An awkward sitting position may get uncomfortable all of a sudden, and may even cause you neck, shoulder, or back ache.

The movement you make while trying to make yourself comfortable can disrupt the baby’s feeding and result in increased hunger. The best breastfeeding position is to either sit in a reclined position with your baby in your arms, or lie on your side with your baby facing you.


Breastfeeding, even though natural, may prove tasking for new mothers. You need to take note of some breastfeeding tips; so you won’t cause yourself pain, or cause the baby discomfort. We discuss some breastfeeding tips you should know for newborn care.

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