Difficult Teenagers – Tips On How To Deal With Them

Difficult Teenagers – Tips On How To Deal With Them

Difficult teenagers can be a task to handle! Teenagers are generally at a very confusing age. While they look for individuality, they also want to be accepted by their peers. Although they lack experience, they behave like they know everything. Teenagers are insecure but they also like challenging authority. 

Most teenagers are rebels without a cause and need constant guidance. They need to be told the difference between right and wrong. If you’re a parent with a teenager, here are some useful tips to deal with them.

Don’t Give Away Your Powers To Difficult Teenagers

Teenagers enjoy questioning authority and watch adults react in a negative way. Some of the ways they do this is by:

  • Teasing
  • Talking back
  • Not listening
  • Provoking
  • Disobeying
  • Throwing tantrums
  • Breaking the rules

When you react the way a teenager wants you to, they think they have power over you. It is important to keep your cool at this time. It is also important not to react to any provocation. 

Establish Clear Boundaries With Difficult Teenagers

Difficult Teenagers – Tips On How To Deal With Them
Difficult Teenagers – Tips On How To Deal With Them

Teenagers like to act up. They also like to test your patience and see how far they can push your buttons. Setting boundaries help you maintain a constructive and workable relationship with difficult teenagers. Setting these boundaries is not enough. You also need to communicate it to them clearly. 

An important thing to keep in mind is to make sure these boundaries are consistent, fair, and reasonable. Teach your teenager to treat you with respect. Let them know that if they respect you, you’ll respect them and give them certain privileges.

Use Effective And Assertive Communication

When you’re dealing with difficult teenagers, make sure they know you mean business. Use assertive and effective communication to point your point across. This not only keeps them in line, it also motivates them to act properly. 

Many studies have proven that when you use assertive communication to deal with teenagers, there is less resistance from them. They are also more cooperative. However, remember to be assertive but fair. Teenagers are less likely to be rebellious when they know you’re being reasonable. 

Focus On The Leader When Dealing With Teenagers

Teenagers like to operate in groups and usually have a leader. This leader calls the shots and the others in the group follow him or her blindly. If you want to handle a group of difficult teenagers, focus on the leader. Once you have the leader under control, you can control the rest.

You must have heard the phrase “together we stand; divided we fall”. The same applied to a group of teenagers. If you separate them from one another, they are weaker and less rebellious. Deal with them individually and keep them away from each other.


Difficult Teenagers – Tips On How To Deal With Them
Difficult Teenagers – Tips On How To Deal With Them

Dealing with difficult teenagers is not rocket science. Once you have the basics in place, everything is a piece of cake. Understanding why a teenager is acting up is half the work done. It is also important to have reasonable expectations for teenagers. Don’t push them too far or they’ll just disobey you.

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