Easter Accessories For Kids And Toddlers

toddler easter accessories

Easter is a time of celebration for everyone. A perfect way to celebrate the season is by giving your child great toddler Easter accessories. Whether you choose to buy Easter gift sets, or you decide to make your own Easter eggs, these little gifts can bring hours of fun and excitement for your loved one. There are so many different types of Easter accessories to choose from that you will be able to find something that is suitable for every child in your family. Here is a look at just some of the wonderful things that your toddler can enjoy with these Easter gift sets.

Exchange Of Easter Eggs Between Children

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One of the most popular Easter traditions has been the exchange of Easter eggs between children. Many families have eggs hidden all around the home for the young ones to discover on Easter morning. Some families even make eggs their tradition, decorating them with glitters and ribbons, and other items to make the experience more fun and memorable. The easiest way to make Easter egg hunts exciting is to purchase a plastic egg hunt game and hide the eggs in the game.

Younger children will love Easter Bunny eggs, which are available in many different colors. When your toddler discovers a hidden egg, he or she can use a red springtime bunny to go explore the area, discovering the eggs along the way. Another fun Easter tradition that doesn’t take much thought involves decorating eggs with a rainbow of colors. You can make eggs into whatever colors you would like, including pastel pink, yellow, blue, green, purple, and orange. This will make an unforgettable Easter for your child.

Use Glitter On Eggs For Decoration

One fun way to decorate eggs is to use glitter on them. To do this, simply dampen a marker or paintbrush in glitters and apply to the eggs. Glitter can catch the attention of toddlers and young children, as well as adults. To make the most of your toddler’s enthusiasm, make sure to purchase an egg that can be painted with glitters. This will make the most of their excitement.

Another fun way to have fun with Easter is to have an egg hunt at your house. Purchase or make your own egg hunt board. On the board, place clues indicating where to find the eggs. Have your children divide up the search among themselves, so that they don’t become overzealous. If your child has trouble finding the Easter eggs, consider offering to help them out or making a suggestion along the lines of “I know where the big one is but I can’t tell you where!”

Requirements Of Great Easter Egg Hunts

A great Easter egg hunt also requires a child to have their own instrument to locate the eggs. Young children usually enjoy pretending that they are musicians. Purchase a small, battery-operated metal detector from any department store. Let your child practice by finding the eggs while pretending to play a real musician.

If you wish to help your toddler complete his or her Easter egg hunt without using batteries, you might want to purchase some Easter eggs that are not harmful. The National Egg Eating Association sells several egg-shaped radio transmitters for young children to use in their searches. These toy eggs have their own transmitter that plays a specific song each time the eggs are searched. The best thing about these toy eggs is that they feature a story that explains how the eggs came to be shaped as well as a series of fun activities. You and your children can even make up a game to play together. After all, the purpose of the Easter holiday isn’t just to get children in the classroom and listening to lots of chirping birds; it’s to have fun!


Another fun way to commemorate the Easter holiday is to give out Easter themed gifts. Many retailers allow consumers to create their own Easter eggs themed gifts. To complete your gift, you might want to consider including a basket or other container filled with candy, seeds, or other Easter themed items. Another idea is to wrap the gift in colorful paper and place it in a colorful plastic bag. Your local Easter bazaar may even sell boxes of Easter themed wrapping paper for a reasonable price.

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