Enjoyable Backyard Activities for Kids

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Spring is here, and who knew that most of us would be stuck at home? No spring break travel plans, zoo trips, aquarium visits, science museum day trips . . .  It seems like everything is just on hold right now! No worries, one of these days things will be back to normal; just hang in there!  If you have kids stuck at home, you might be running out of creative activities to keep them occupied and happy! These 20 backyard activities for kids are some exciting things for them to play and it gets them outside for some much needed fresh air. So, if you need some new play ideas or have some bored children, be sure to check out this compilation of backyard activities for kids.

These outdoor activities are perfect to stick in between school assignments for a change of pace and scenery, as suggested in our

1. Tin Can Bowling

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With just some old tin cans, you can have a fun backyard bowling game!

2. Clothespin Tag

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What a creative game with a twist of flag football and traditional tag! Let the kiddos decorate the clothespins for some added fun, too.

3. DIY Ring Toss Game

Keep the kiddos busy outside with this ring toss game; try it individually or as teams!

4. Nature Scavenger Hunt

How perfect is this for toddlers and preschoolers? The free printable is included, too. Your toddlers will be thrilled to go on this nature scavenger hunt!

5. Giant Sized Rhyming Memory Game

This is a great way to sneak in some learning in an outdoor game!

6. DIY Recycled Water Wall

There’s no right or wrong to this! Just save some recyclables and attach wherever you want to make your own water wall. The kids will have hours of fun!

7. Pool Noodle Obstacle Course

Setup your own backyard obstacle course with just some pool noodles, duct tape and pencils!

8. Water Balloon Piñata

Forget the candy with these piñatas…haha, your kids can hours of fun with this incredible water balloon pinata game!

9. Toppling Tug of War

Double the concentration with this fun twist to your traditional tug of war game!

10. Milk Jug Toss

You can make this game with just a couple of milk or water jugs. It’s easy enough for the kids to make the game themselves, too!

11. Backyard Tight Rope

Not only is this backyard tight rope game FUN, but it gives the kids some exercise, lets them practice fine motor skills and develop coordination! And it provides hours of fun!

12. Water Balloon Toss

You can sneak in some math with this water balloon toss game! Give the kids 5 balloons and have them add up their total score. It’s the sneaky way to get in some extra math practice.

So, try any of these kids backyard activities and have a ball with your kids.

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