Few Tips About Dental Care For Kids- You Must Know

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The biggest concern of every parent is their child’s health and well-being. Therefore their oral hygiene is also a very important part of their overall health and wellbeing. It is you who can begin with your child’s teeth and gums and care for giving them excellent oral hygiene. It is you who can set them on the right path. When it is said that a child learns from their parents it is very true. Whatever habits you will apply to yourself, your child will learn the same. If you want your child to learn to keep their oral hygiene high, then it is you who will decide how to make your child look after their oral health.

Dental Care For Infants-

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You cannot see your baby’s teeth because it is hidden in their gum as all the babies are born with all their teeth. Baby teeth start to break through the gums when the child is around the age of 6 months and you need to maintain the dental care for your infant even before their permanent teeth come out because from healthy gums you will get healthy teeth for your infant. You need to carry out the below-given instructions to keep your infant’s gum healthy:

●  After feeding your child you need to wipe the baby’s gums with a soft washcloth as this will help you to remove bacteria that can cause the tooth of a baby to decay.

●  You need to take an amount of fluoride toothpaste which should not be more than a near size of grain or rice, to brush the teeth of your infant once their teeth come out from the gum. You need to use a very soft bristle toothbrush.

●  If you want to prevent baby bottle tooth decay then you need to take the bottle away as soon as your child finishes drinking milk from the bottle. When your child drinks milk or juice from the bottle over a long period and sleeps with that bottle then your child will suffer from baby bottle tooth decay.

●  Before your child has the first birthday or when you can see your baby’s teeth for the first time, you should schedule your child’s first dental appointment because this will help you to ensure better Dental Care for your infant.

Dental Care For Children-

A person brushing the teeth

You should ensure that when your child grows, their dental health also grows with them. By the age of 3, your child will have all his or her teeth which are known as primary teeth. If you witness any gap between baby teeth then it is normal because they make a line for permanent teeth. You will notice that your child’s permanent teeth will come at the age of 13. We have given below few tips which will help you to establish the best dental care routine for your child:

●  You should make sure that when you are giving your child a pea-sized amount of fluoride toothpaste for brushing their teeth they spit out after brushing.

●  You should make your child brush their teeth for h at least two minutes twice a day. To help them build good habits you need to make your child start flossing as soon as teeth touch or even earlier.

●  You should also make sure that your child is brushing and flossing every day. You need to tell them to pay attention to the back teeth too.

●  You need to take your child for a dental visit every 6 months.


We have listed above a few tips and tricks to help your child develop a healthy dental care routine. If you want to know about such tips then stay tuned.

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