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Kohls kids care for the special needs of children who might be struggling in a public or private school. In some cases, an individual may have received only a GED or a high school diploma and still need a helping hand to get through the typical aspects of growing up. Maybe they dropped out of school, got into a rough situation at work, and needed to work their way back to a respectable education. Or maybe, just maybe, they want a break from the daily grind. Whatever the reason, there are programs out there to help. Here’s how:

Review FAFSA Of An Individual

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The first step in Kohls kids cares to review an individual’s FAFSA or Free Application for Federal Student Aid. This application determines whether or not an individual will get a scholarship based on their financial need. The FAFSA can be picked up from a school’s financial aid office and mailed in. It can also be picked up at the post office with a copy of the FAFSA, printed off online, or directly by visiting the lender’s website. The FAFSA should be used as a guideline for figuring out what scholarships one might qualify for, but various other circumstances might lead to a different result.

After receiving the FAFSA, individuals will need to fill out a Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or FAFSA. This is the form that lists a borrower’s expected family contribution, which includes their income and any dependents, as well as their grades. It also includes information on any financial assistance the student has gotten, such as scholarships or grants. Some lenders require proof of these three factors before they will even consider a borrower. To keep a good grade point average, many students work part-time and submit the FAFSA multiple times, increasing their chances of getting at least two or three decent scholarships.

Inquire The Scholarship That Meet The Child’s Needs

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Once the FAFSA is received, parents should begin contacting financial aid offices at colleges they plan to attend. They should inquire about a scholarship that meets their child’s specific needs. For example, if a four-year-old is planning on attending St. John’s College and plans on majoring in science, he should not apply to a scholarship that only offers accounting as a major. Instead, he should inquire about a scholarship that offers science, math, physical science, and business administration as major courses. Each college may have unique requirements, but if the parents understand which types of courses their son or daughter will need to finish, it is much easier to make the trip to the financial aid office.

Once parents make the office trip, they will usually sit down with someone from the financial aid office and discuss their child’s situation. Depending on the circumstances, the counselor may recommend the parents seek a scholarship for their child from either the Kohls Foundation Scholarship or the St. John’s Foundation Scholarship. These two foundation scholarships and several others offered by the HMA are designed to help pay for children’s expenses while attending college.

Fill Out Additional Forms

Parents may be asked to fill out additional forms after their initial visit, depending on their specific situation. One form that may be required is a Pritchard run number, which tells the scholarship committee how many credits their child can handle throughout their academic career. This will determine the number of various programs award their students. Another form is the FAFSA application, which asks a few different questions regarding the family’s current income and assets. The application also requires information regarding the student’s maturity level and their future goals.

After the financial need and other forms are completed and accepted, a Kohls Kids Care representative will review the application and review whether the student qualifies for the scholarship. If the scholarship is awarded, the funds will be dispersed to the student. To receive the funds, the student must complete a 500-word essay detailing their achievements at both home and school. The essay must include why the student feels that he or she has been chosen for consideration by the scholarship committee.

Final Words

To find out more about Kohls’ different scholarships, contact the admissions office directly. In addition to helping students find scholarships, counselors can help them prepare for their interviews. Applying to Kohls Kids Care is a good start, but the real test comes with applying to a top-ranked university like Harvard.

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