Halloween Activities For Kids- Keep Them Engaged

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Do you notice every time you plan about Halloween some kind of delight in your kids? Halloween, just like Christmas, is the festive season and kids want to make the most out of it. It might be a lot of work for you to complete the decorations and have the costumes, but you do not have to be the one to do it alone. There are numerous Halloween activities for kids that will keep those little monsters engaged, and you will get a helping hand as well. Here is a list of all the activities you can tell your kids to do, and you will see how time flies. 

Painting Pumpkins

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Now that you have to get the pumpkins ready for the lantern, why not tell them to paint with the help of their fingers? Finger painting is one of the most fun ways in which the kids can engage with you, and they will have a delightful experience altogether. Just remember that they do not wear any new clothes when they are playing with the colors, and you will love the outcome. You can also tell them to play with fingernail polish, and it is an innovative way to get your pumpkins all colored. It is definitely an easy process but does not be annoyed to clear the mess. You can get hold of artificial pumpkins in Walmart and plant them outside your house for the extra effect. 

Making Monster Cookies

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If your kids are an excellent helping hand in the kitchen, why not tell them to make monster cookies? It will be a great snack addition to the party, and it is also easy to make. In order to turn things even more fun, you can add food coloring so that the cookies turn out to be of different colors. Also, you will be able to find edible googly eyes, and sticking them on will complete the look.

Making Ghost And Pumpkin Stamps

Halloween is not complete without a scary ghost, and you would want to make them at home with your kids. All you need is an inflated balloon, and on top of that, you can glue a cloth. It will give you the look of a white Ghost, and you can paint black eyes on them as well. Make several of them and put them in the front yard. Do not forget to put some LED lights around them so that they can glow in the dark too. Pumpkin stamping is another thing that your kids can do with the arts and craft supplies. It is pretty easy to make the stamps, and you can hang your kid’s artwork as well.

Pumpkin Patch Treasure Hunt

Try to hide some toys in your backyard among the pumpkin patch and tell them to find items. The one who collects the most number toys will win. 


It is not a very gruesome task to keep the kids engaged; you should just give a bit of effort so that your kids can have activities for Halloween. It will be a delightful experience for them and also bring a sense of cooperation and engagement. 

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