Helicopter mom and her duties

A helicopter mom is a parent who frequently hovers over their child, trying to protect them from making mistakes or experiencing failure. They are overly involved in the lives of their children, taking on tasks that are generally performed by the child’s teachers, coaches, and other caregivers.

Here are some duties of a helicopter mom.


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Helicopter moms help their kids to make the schedule, organize lesson plans for activities and academic commitments, setting up daily routines.


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The main duties of Helicopter mom is to drive her children everywhere they need to go; taking them on errands, helping them with school projects, running them back and forth between practices and appointments.


Helicopter mom pays the bills, school fees and shopping in supermarkets for food items. They also make sure that their kids eat healthy foods. She has to plan vacation activities with fun and adventure to occupy her children’s free time.

Academic assistance

Helicopter moms know all about their kids’ educational needs. They are very well aware about their child’s education requirements, academic grades and educational plans after high school. They work with teachers, switch schools when necessary, demanding higher quality of instruction from teachers who aren’t delivering the results they want for their children.

Involve in adult activities

Helicopter moms have to attend PTA meetings, volunteer as room mothers and participate in all school meetings. They have to teach their children to dress appropriately for events and do the proper research before an interview.

Dietary preferences

Helicopter mom plans a weekly menu of delicious foods using recipes from a cookbook or online sources. She prepares her child’s favorite dishes, making them eat nutritious foods and avoid junk food.


Helicopter mom oversees their child’s dating relationships, making sure that they don’t spend time with the “wrong crowd”. She checks out their dates on facebook and knows who they are meeting up with later in the evening.

Health concerns

Helicopter mom ensures that her child maintains a healthy lifestyle. She takes her children for regular checkups and dentist appointments, makes sure they exercise regularly and get enough sleep at night.


Helicopter moms do all the grocery shopping and buy clothes for their kids for every season. They choose the right sized clothing to fit their children’s body.

Developing interests

Helicopter moms encourage their child to develop their own individual hobbies and interests, taking them to museums and art galleries to learn about different cultures and ideas. They provide a safe environment for the child to explore the world without fear or anxiety.


Well organized children will be encouraged by helicopter moms with good communication skills , discussions can be held on any topic of interest and may provide a chance for mom to learn from her child .


Helicopter moms are a divisive topic, many people feel that parents should allow their children to make mistakes and learn from them, without hovering over the situation. Others find helicopter parenting to be beneficial; maintaining healthy routines for kids can keep them safe and productive. A helicopter mom is always ready to drop everything she is doing for her children, no matter how old they are.

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