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In order to qualify for a MPVP Kids Care benefit you must have your child’s first and last name, the social security number of the child, along with a phone number or e-mail address. Once you have submitted these three items to the MPVP Kids Care program, you will be sent a bracelet that will contain the information you requested.

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I’m sure all MPVP Kids Care clients know about MPVP Kids Care’s a walk-in facility, which is located at the YMCA in Southfield, Michigan. The Walk-In facility is not only available on the weekends, but every day during the summer as well. The facility is divided into three different cubicles that are labeled with either “S”, “U” or “A”. At the far end of the hallway, there is a small kiosk with a kiosk attendant, which will allow clients to call a toll-free triage service in the event that they have a question about MPVP Kids Care programs or their child.

It was my privilege to be a part of the MPVP Kids Care team while it operated in the Greater Miami area. While I was there, I saw how the program really helped when it came to providing accessible places for children with special needs to go and be evaluated by professionals. For instance, the pediatric social worker assigned to the facility would travel to the local children’s hospitals to interview the doctors and other employees who worked there. He also visited the local schools to talk to the teachers and school staff to identify classrooms that had gaps in services that would enable the child to access additional services. This type of specialized care would have cost substantially more if it were offered in the public schools.

When I moved to the Florida Keys, I hired a new marketing and communications director from a high-end law firm. Within one month of hiring him, he called me on the cell phone and invited me to come down to meet him at his office. We met that day and he explained that he wanted to incorporate an online media strategy into the advertising and marketing mix of all of the clientele within the company. He wanted to do this in a way that did not raise any ethical concerns since he believed that he was representing the “first name” of the company.

We conceptualized an effective date for the “first name” component of the MPVP Kids Care branding. Instead of simply having the company name as the “last name” or the “middle initial”, we wanted to create an identity that could be associated with the “first name”. We chose our first name as Vista but we eventually chose our middle initial as Horizon. This way, clients could recognize us right away by hearing our voice over the intercom system when they dial into the number.


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If you want to make sure that you’re going to be on top as far as search engine results are concerned, you need to pay very close attention to your Mvp Kids Care lead generation page. It’s critical that you get all of the information about your Mvp Kids Care leads right, and nothing less. You want to ensure that you always have the best information, which is why you should take advantage of tracking services like the one we mentioned above. Tracking will ensure that you maximize your return on investment for marketing your MVP Kids Care business.

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