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We often hear about stars pediatric rehabilitation and other innovative kids care homes, where the well-being of the kids is given topmost priority. However, what do we really know about them? How do they operate? What are their features? And most importantly, are they any good? Here’s a look at some of the things you need to know about these innovative facilities.

Kids Care Home Health And Occupational Therapy

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To start with, let us know more about what is meant by kids care home health and occupational therapy. As the name suggests, these are two areas that are often confused or used interchangeably. They are actually very different. Occupational therapy deals with how a child with special needs can gain the skills and talents that are required for daily living. At the same time, the physical therapy takes care of issues related to physical well-being. Here’s an example – if your child has arthritic pain, the occupational therapist will focus on providing him or her with the right kind of equipment that eases pain and improves movement.

The concept of providing health services to kids care home patients was conceived and founded in Idaho by Dr. William Sears, who is now recognized as one of the world’s leading infant toddler program and rehabilitation specialist. He too observed and dealt with the issue of poor health and development in young children. From this experience, he came up with his innovative idea of integrating physical therapy and occupational therapy to offer comprehensive health services to the young. Today, the innovative kids care homes have become very popular all over the country. In fact, the number of them has increased dramatically in recent times.

Innovative Approach Of Dr. Sears

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The innovative approach of Dr. Sears and his team of doctors and therapists is very promising. They combine the latest technology and innovative concepts to offer quality services to the parents and children they treat. For instance, they use state-of-the-art equipment like the innovative kaleidoscope pediatric therapy equipment and the latest sophisticated imaging systems to help the doctors examine their patients and make necessary treatment suggestions. They also use the most advanced rehabilitation techniques to help improve the physical abilities of their patients.

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One of the most innovative programs they provide is the kids care facility named Jumpstart. It is a special room that is designed especially for those kids who need intensive therapy to jump start their growth and development. This innovative room has all the facilities and equipment needed to encourage growth. The doctors use the most advanced equipment in this room such as the video interpositions, balance boards, balance chairs and the laser combs for promoting eye movement. With these tools, they are able to promote eye movement which ultimately promotes eye-hand coordination and growth.

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The center also has its very own pediatric audiovisual therapy and infant toddler program. The infant-toddler program helps identify the problems that your child is going through. If they are having any fear regarding a certain activity or sight, they can be helped by interacting with their caregivers. Through the audiovisual therapy, they can learn visually and develop motor skills through the visuals. The chatterbox speech therapy is helpful for toddlers who are having trouble developing speech.

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