Is Montessori Essential For Child Development?

Is Montessori Essential For Child Development?

Understanding the concept of Montessori can help you make this decision. It is an education method based on collaborative play. Children stay engaged in hands-on learning and self-directed activities. They make creative learning choices while the teacher provides age-appropriate activities to guide them.

Is Montessori Essential For Child Development?
Is Montessori Essential For Child Development?

Kids take part in individual as well as group activities. Along with being fun, these activities also help children develop and discover their maximum potential.

Montessori Aiding In Child Development

Studies show that a child develops the best when he makes his own choices and acts freely. This environment should possess the following attributes.

  • Facilitate activities and movements
  • Should be clean, beautiful and harmonious
  • Should be proportionate to the child and his needs
  • Have only material that promotes proper child development
  • Classroom and its surroundings should have nature around it
  • Arranged in an orderly fashion

Should You Enroll Your Child In Montessori?

This depends on the needs of your child. You also need to understand the personality of your child. Also, understand the environment where he will thrive the best. Some children thrive better in calm and stable environments while others prefer activities that keep them on their toes. 

If your child has special needs, you may have to consider a Montessori that takes care of such needs. Researchers say that kids with special needs benefit immensely from joining such centers. Some of the learnings in Montessori include math, language, culture, music, art, science, and geography. It is also a great place to develop sensory and everyday living skills.

Things To Look For While On A Montessori Tour

  • See how the teacher interacts with the children
  • Are the children engaged?
  • Are children encouraged to interact with one another?
  • Does the teacher seem interested enough to help with your child’s development?
  • Does the Montessori have a play area?
  • Is the play area safe?
  • What kind of toys and activities do they use to teach children?
  • How far is the Montessori from your home? Is it safe for your child?

Joining A Traditional School

Most often, parents enroll their child for Montessori for a year, after which they move to a traditional school for their elementary education. Is this decision wise? This totally depends on your child and the process of child development. 

In Montessori, your child gets to choose his own work. However, in a traditional school, the child learns what the teacher teaches him. Also, a traditional school has a definite seating arrangement. In Montessori, your child moves around freely in Montessori. Additionally, Montessori has a mix of children from all age groups. Traditional schools have classrooms with children of the same age.


Is Montessori Essential For Child Development?
Is Montessori Essential For Child Development?

The good news is that children adapt quickly. So, they’ll adjust accordingly, irrespective of what you choose for them. However, many researchers suggest that children who transition from such learning concepts are quicker to adapt to traditional schools. They are also calmer and tend to have a greater sense of responsibility. 

Parents need to take it upon themselves to choose the right Montessori for their child. They should find a center that provides proper child development. The center should also have the right equipment to support children the various stages of child development.

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