List of Best Space Toys for Kids

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Do you have a young astronaut at home? Kids generally have dreams of becoming astronauts when they grow up. They also love collecting space toys. Here is a list of some wonderful space toys you can buy for kids.

Mars glass marble

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Price £4.99

Keep the Red Planet in your pocket with this mini Mars marble. The tiny globe measures 1 an inch across and depicts the Martian mountains and icecaps.

Moon Trumps

Price £7

Which of our Solar System’s moons is the biggest? Takes the longest time to orbit? Has the highest potential for life? Find out by using these cards to pit 36 moons against each other in a game of top trumps.

Animals in the Sky

Price £8.95

Help the little astronomer in your life learn the constellations. Each page of this book shows a star pattern alongside a clue of what it might depict, then unfolds to show which animal the stars are said to make.

Space Swirl Colour Pencils

Price £9.10

Kids will love these two-tone colouring pencils emblazoned with beautiful NASA images of space. Use them to sketch your favourite galaxies or exoplanets, or recreate the etheral beauty of deep-sky nebulae.

BrainBox Space Game

Price £12

Put your knowledge of all things cosmic to the test with this card-based game. Study a fact card for 10 seconds then answer a question based on the roll of the die. Topics include the Apollo missions, celestial objects and constellations.

Kidz Labs Solar System Planetarium

Price £12.99

This build-your-own model of the Solar System is great for kids who are fascinated by the planets and who are also up for a bit of crafty DIY. The model is 30cm wide and is glow-in-the-dark, so if your child loves gazing at those glowing star stickers on their wall at night, this may the perfect gift.

NASA jigsaws

Price £14.99

These officially licensed 1,000-piece NASA jigsaws are for kids who love jugsaws but also like a challenge. They come in three different designs, each depicting a nebula images using the Hubble Space Telescope.

Star globe

Price £17.95

This nifty star globe enables young astronomers to see the stars and constellations every night, regardless of the weather. Once the lights have been switched off, the black and white design glows in the dark.

Ravensburger Map of the Universe jigsaw

Price £17.99

This jigsaw depicting a map of the observable Universe is aimed at kids aged 12 and over, and it’s not difficult to see why. A 1,500-piece puzzle, it depicts the intricacies of the cosmos and the end result is something surely worth framing for a bedroom wall. Who knows, it could end up inspiring the next Stephen Hawking…

Laika cuddly toy dog

Price £18

Street dog Laika (‘little barker’ in Russian) helped pave the way for human spaceflight when she flew onboard Sputnik-2 in 1957. Indeed, she was one of many animals in space who paved the way for human spaceflight. Though Laika didn’t make it back to Earth, you can continue her legacy by giving this toy to the next generation of spacefarers.

This is a list of the best space toys for kids.

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