Most commonly known four parenting styles

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Good parenting is not an easy job. Parents should take care of their children, educate them and make them mentally strong enough to face the world. The growing age of kids demands more attention from parents as they are getting more independent day by day. New parenting styles are invented due to rapid changes in the environment around us. For instance, the parenting style has changed since our parent’s generation. There are four commonly known parenting styles available for parents to choose from.

Parenting is the most important job that a person has. Also, parenting styles are not just about raising your child but also building their character and making them into better individuals that they can be in the future. However, there are primarily four parenting styles that most parents use to raise their kids and shape their personalities as time goes by.

1. Authoritative parenting style:

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This style is considered the best parenting strategy that a parent can use to raise their children. It involves guiding and giving your kids feedback and suggestions on what they’re doing. It also includes showing your kids the right way of doing things and enforcing rules while explaining why such rules exist in the first place so that you can accomplish the best results of this style more effectively. And finally, it is about rewarding your kids when they’re doing something good by acknowledging their behavior and explaining why that was the right thing to do.

2. Authoritarian parenting style:

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This type of parenting involves rules being given to children with no explanation as to why these rules are needed. This usually makes the children uncertain and unable to follow such rules. There is also a lack of feedback as well as rewards which means that such children become unresponsive, rebellious, and even aggressive towards authority figures.

3. Permissive parenting style:

This type of parenting typically involves parents showing low demands but more nurturing and caring for their children. There are also high expectations but no boundaries or rules that are set for children to follow. As a result, kids end up getting their parents wrapped around their fingers and they become spoiled as well as undisciplined which doesn’t help them grow into better individuals in the future.

4. Uninvolved parenting style:

This type of parenting is the lack of any form of interest in their children’s activities or experiences. In this type of parenting, there are no consequences for kids’ bad behavior and they don’t have any rules set for them to follow. Such children usually end up going astray and getting themselves into trouble with law enforcement a lot more often than not.

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