Ride on Toys For Kids – A Discussion on Two Popular Brands

ride on toys for kids

When ride-on toys for kids first came on the market, they were nothing more than simple, one or two-wheeled vehicles. As time went on, though, the manufacturers began to add steering and other mechanisms to their toys. Today’s ride-on toys can drive, turn, and do various other things, thanks to the manufacturer’s ingenuity. But, what kinds of ride-on toys are available? Let’s look at a few that are popular with kids today.

Vtech Polar Express

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One of the most popular ride-on toys for kids is the Vtech Polar Express. It has all of the features you would expect from a toy like this, including push buttons that activate the wheels, an alarm that sounds when the wheels are spinning, and even a couple of lights that light up when the wheels are moving. The best feature of all is the fact that it can be used indoors as well as outdoors. It’s small enough to tuck into a tiny bag and come along for the ride.

Vtech Attitude

Another popular model from VTech is the Vtech Attitude. This ride-on toy is identical to the Polar Express in many ways, including the feature that allows the little ones to push a button to activate the wheels and the light-up features illuminating when the wheels are turning. The Attitude also comes in different colors, including green, orange, purple, and pink, and it has a few different settings for speed and acceleration.

Vtech Fun Fusion Mega DK

The third ride-on toy for kids that is quite popular is the Vtech Fun Fusion Mega DK. This is a great little toy for young toddlers and pre-schoolers because it plays music when they turn. It’s also small enough that pre-schoolers can ride around with it in their purse. Like the Attitude, it is designed for small sizes and is made of hard plastic which makes it durable. It comes in several different colors, including yellow and pink, and has two speeds and a braking function.

Vtech Trilby Toddler In Pink

For preschoolers, there’s the Vtech Trilby Toddler in Pink. This ride-on toy is very similar to the more popular Beanie Baby, but it is smaller than the Baby version. This little one is about three inches long and weighs only eleven ounces. It has two large wheels that work with the included safety belt to provide smooth operation and a handle so that little one can ride around on it with ease. This product has multiple speeds and an accelerator for more excellent maneuverability. It is excellent for kids that are learning to drive, and it is recommended for ages three years old and older.

Final Words

If you want to find a great ride-on toy for kids, you can look at the Vtech Breeze Active Wheelchair. It is an excellent chair for infants up to eighteen months old. This product features five action-oriented handles, a convenient cup holder, a two-point seat, and a five-foot platform where your child can stand. It has a four-wheel drive and is made for simple steering.

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