Some Brilliant Costume Ideas For Toddlers To Adorn During Halloween Celebrations

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Halloween is a festival the popularity of which has spread all over the world nowadays. Every year 31st October is celebrated as Halloween Day. Halloween Day is celebrated by all and especially the children with great fun due to the thrilling and spooky theme attached to it. Children, as well as adults, spend the day attending Halloween parties wearing different costumes, especially spooky costumes. 

The spookier the costumes the better! It is believed that wearing spooky costumes would ward off evil spirits. Common activities were undertaken this day are carving jack-o-lantern of pumpkins to make it look like spooky monsters and decorating the house, gardens, etc. with these and other spooky elements such as skeletons, bones, blood, etc. all of which are artificial! But the more creative one can be with decorating their house with a spooky theme the more fun! 

Apart from these, festival gatherings are also undertaken with friends, neighbours, relatives. A common game that the children indulge in is a game of trick or treat in which a group of children along with a group of friends visits the neighbouring houses adorning spooky costumes with a huge sack and ask for a treat from them. If the neighbours refuse to give them a treat or they do not like the treatment given by the neighbour to them they play nasty pranks on the neighbours. The pranks are harmless and playful and add a fun element to the festival.

History of Halloween

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The origin of Halloween actually could be attributed to the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain that marked the end of summer and the beginning of winter. They also believed this day to be the time when the living and spirit world became one thus increasing the living world’s communication with the spirit world.

Some costume ideas for toddlers for the occasion of Halloween

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From the discussion, it is evident that Halloween is an extremely fun-filled festival that the toddlers would enjoy being a part of. Some creative costume ideas for toddlers for Halloween are-

  • The toddlers can opt for wearing costumes of their favourite superheroes and heroines! For example, the boys can opt for becoming superman, batman, etc. whereas girls can become wonder women. Wonder women accessories for toddlers, or batman, or any other superhero accessories are easily available online or nearest supermarkets to complete the look.
  • The toddlers can also dress up as vampires, a ghost wearing their regular clothes with a black cloak, and with a little bit of make-up, the look will be fully complete and ready to rock!
  • If the toddler wants to try becoming something off a bit, then they can try becoming Pokémon the costumes of which are easily available online or in supermarkets such as Pikachu costumes.


Thus, we have discussed here some brilliant costume ideas for toddlers to celebrate Halloween along with suitable accessories such as batman or wonder woman accessories for toddlers that are easily available to complete the spooky look.

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