STEM Activities For Kids For A Fun Learning Experience

stem activities for kids

Parents are the first teacher of kids, and parental support plays an important part in helping children with their studies and learnings, no matter if the kid is a toddler, in preteens, or teens in middle school. The generation or you can say the upcoming generation is faster than the internet. That is the reason they are known as the internet generation. Back then, we used to have questions in our minds, but we were too shy to ask and clear our doubts. Luckily time has our back. This generation is restless, they have questions in mind, and they are not afraid to ask. Well, this is a good trait in their personalities. Learning patience, the difference between right and wrong, is essential in shaping the life of a child.

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. STEM activities for kids are a fun way to teach your kids incredible things. This article is about some STEM activities for kids that you and your child will love. So let’s dig in and find out what these STEM activities for kids can teach.

STEM Activities For Kids

A flock of seagulls are standing in a parking lot

Oil Spill

A little girl standing next to a fence

This activity will teach your child how the oil spill can affect the environment and how complicated it is to separate oil from water. All you need to do is simply mix oil in water in a large container (which is large in width), then add a few feathers and mix them. Now give your child a paper towel, sponges, or any other material that they will absorb. Ask your child to separate oil and feathers from water.

Number Match With Sticky Notes

This is one of the best STEM activities for kids where you can make your kid understand the meaning of numeric values. Instead of forcing them to memorize numbers, what you can do is take a sheet of paper and tape it to the wall. Now put some sticky notes and, with the help of a marker, draw some digits, and you are good to go.

Crystal SunCatcher

This is a popular STEM activity for kids where you will be making crystals with salt. The items you need for these STEM activities for kids are cheap, and you can get them from any grocery store. This activity is about making crystals into a suncatcher.

Building A Balance Scale

This is one of the fun science STEM activities for kids for which you will need some plastic hanger, strings, and cups. This STEM activity will encourage your child’s experimentation.


These are some fun and experimental STEM activities for kids that you must try with your toddler. These STEM activities for kids will help you in shaping the growth of the kids and making them learn difficult things like numbers quickly with lots of fun. Not only this, but these STEM activities for kids will give you lots and lots of quality time with your child.

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