The Shocking Statistics of Foster Care

foster care statistics

Foster Care is a Bleak System for Kids. The United States has over 4 million children in foster homes, and the numbers are rising. The reason why this system fails so many kids? There’s more than one problem with how we do things here – it all comes down to what each state does on an individual level when they’re caring for their own population of wards or potential applicants that need help adjusting to life without parents at least sometimes until something better can be arranged elsewhere.

There are so many shocking statistics out there when it comes to foster care, and they’re all horrifying in one way or another. So here are some of the Shocking Statistics about Foster Care:

A high number of kids in care

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The number of kids in foster care is on the increase. Foster homes were created to take care, love, and raise; but sometimes they can’t provide all those things for the child due to various reasons such as age or disabilities that make them unable to do so which leaves their future prospects bleak even though most will eventually grow up forgetting these painful memories from childhood – some don’t have this luxury however because there isn’t enough support available when it comes down right into making sure every single person gets what he/she needs no matter who you are. In the year 2014, around 476,000 children were in foster care and that number is only rising.

Lack of support

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There are a million different reasons why a child could enter into the foster care system, but one of the main reasons is due to lack of support at home. Whether it’s from the parents themselves or from the community, these kids often don’t have the emotional or financial support they need to thrive in a healthy environment. This can lead to problems down the line, such as difficulty in school or getting involved in crime.

Lack of stability

If you’re looking for stable home life, this might not be the place to find it. With so many kids moving from one temporary location or situation (e-g: foster care) without having any sense of grounding in their lives–it becomes difficult when they grow up unable to relate comfortably with other people around them due to time spent feeling like an outsider because everything has changed so often before finally settling down somewhere permanent enough that friends could visit easily instead just taking every opportunity possible get-togethers happening spontaneously without prior notice that disrupts their current living situation yet again. Often, foster kids have to move around a lot and this can lead to problems with stability.

Lack of education

There are many kids in the foster care system who don’t have access to a good education. This is due either because they move around frequently or never live in one place long enough for their schooling needs, which leads eventually to difficulties obtaining employment opportunities later on down the road ̶ whether you’re looking into being employed full-time rather than part-time; wanting more hours per week so that your salary will increase over time too? The lack of opportunity can make things difficult when considering how much effort went into trying to get ahead these days.

Lack of permanency

The foster care system is designed with the goal of providing permanency for children. However, this isn’t always possible due to a lack of understanding and compassion by those who are involved in it–especially when they have been removed from their families or homes before being placed into another household as an evacuated infant (which happens more than you might think). This can lead down many different paths which may not all end happily…but we’ll get there.

Increased risk of being trafficked

One of the scariest things about being in the foster care system is that you’re at an increased risk of being trafficked. This means that you’re more likely to be taken advantage of by people who are looking to exploit you for their own gain. This can include being forced into labor or prostitution, and it can be a very difficult thing to escape from.

Difficulty in finding permanent homes

It’s often difficult for children in the foster care system to find permanent homes. This is because there are so many kids who need homes, and not enough families who are willing to open their homes up to them. This can lead to kids staying in the system for a long time, and it can be very difficult to find a family who will be willing to adopt them.

Difficulty in forming relationships

Children who are in the foster care system often have difficulty forming relationships with other people. This is because they don’t have a stable home life, and they often move around a lot. This can lead to kids feeling like they are always outsiders, and it can be difficult for them to form lasting relationships with other people.


The foster care system is not perfect, but it does provide a lot of children with the support they need to thrive in a healthy environment. However, there are many challenges that children in the foster care system face, including a lack of stability, education, permanency, and relationships.

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