The Top 5 Toddler Princess Accessories For You To Play With

toddler princess accessories

If you are looking to start a theme or simply want to purchase something in an inexpensive way, this is the article for you. You’ll learn about some of the best items we found for our young girls. Let’s face it; there are not a lot of gifts out there that are not only made to last, but also made with the utmost in quality and to keep them safe.

A very popular toddler toy that allows your toddler to use her imagination is the Princess Fairytale Tea Party Play Mat. This adorable mat features porcelain colored legs and a plush, fuzzy fairy. Your child will enjoy playing on this mat with her friends as they make tea, place a candied apple on the mat and let their imaginations run wild.

Our 2 little girls are big Disney fans so we were delighted when we found toddler princess accessories that feature characters from their favorite Disney movies. Our daughters absolutely love Cinderella, Ariel and Snow White. Their matching glass slippers, tea party set and matching teacup Puppy Pals are perfect companions for a Disney Theme Party. Your toddler can have fun for hours pretending that these dolls are their own personal favorites. Their playtime doesn’t have to end at night with their sleep party guests at the “Hollywood Studios” of their house.

Another great gift idea for your toddler princess is the Princess Powerpuff Girls Ice Cream Pizza Kit. This kit allows you to make your own delicious and easy to prepare ice cream treats using a built in ice cream maker and a built in spray attachment. Your daughter will love being able to make her own treat and watching her friends do the same. This kit is colorful and has a fun design that matches many of the toddler princess accessories that we reviewed. The kit is very easy to use with directions that are easily followed.

What is better than watching your toddler play with her favorite princesses? Imagine spending quality time with her in her pajamas, reading books or enjoying time with her in the kitchen. Well, this is very achievable when she gets a set of toddler princess furniture such as the My Little Pony Play House. This is a fantastic playhouse for your girl that will allow her to play pretend like she’s a princess.


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If you have a little boy in your house, you can still get him into the game with the My Little Pony Power Gong. This cute little accessory is perfect for using in playtime and even as a homework helper when he gets bored with school activities. This durable PVC plastic material allows your child to have a chance to exercise whenever he wants to and use it as a focus when studying for his school work. This toddler princess accessory comes in blue and pink colors and can be used with most toys designed for toddlers. It can’t get any better than this!

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