Toddler Play Kitchen Accessories – A Perfect Toy For Your Little One

toddler play kitchen accessories

This is why toddler play kitchen accessories and a play kitchen are a very viable method for any parent to expose their children to learning and other kitchen related activities. While most kids will not take very seriously the pretend kitchen accessories, there are those who may take more notice of them. This is where the play kitchen becomes very valuable in teaching kids about many different kitchen related subjects.

The most common toddler play kitchen accessories are dollhouses. These come in all shapes and sizes. They can be made of plastic or wood. There are even toy cabinets that double as a place to put the food that has been prepared for dinner. All of these kitchen furniture pieces add to the already present look of a kitchen.


A kitchen with a stove top oven sitting next to a window

Other toddler play kitchen accessories are saucepans. There are a number of different saucepans available. Some of them come with slides, while others have spouts for easy clean up after meals. For added realism, you can even get a miniature saucepan complete with handle.

One other common toddler play kitchen accessories are the pretend playsets of different kitchen appliances. For example, there are three-year-old motor skills sets that come with a microwave, toaster, and toaster oven. These pretend appliances allow your toddler to practice basic motor skills like chopping, mixing, and measuring without actually having to use any of these appliances in real life.

Food Preparation

A woman cooking on a stove top oven

Other pretend play kitchen sets focus on food preparation. For example, there are pretend playsets that come with a deli cupboard, stainless steel saucepan, and a small refrigerator. Your child will have hours of fun preparing her own homemade meals. Most pretend play kitchens feature cardboard boxes on the bottom so that your child will have a place to pretend that the ingredients are actually placed in a box.

There is also a wooden pretend farmhouse player that comes with a sink and two countertops. With this farmhouse player, your little one will be able to practice basic cooking skills like chopping vegetables. The farmhouse player also features an ice cream parlor, a coffee shop, and a butcher block. This kind of play set is great for older kids because they can practice their basic cooking skills while having fun at the same time.

Heavy Duty Plastic

For toddlers that love to bake, you should consider purchasing a baker’s rack, pie and spoon sets, and bake time helper stands. Some of these play kitchen accessories have durable stainless steel plates that are made from heavy duty plastic.

Some of these plates even feature non-stick coating so your toddler will have no problem removing them after play time. The battat deluxe playset has a bake time helper that comes with a removable, precooler oven. With the oven, your kid will be able to make delicious cookies or brownies for dinner.


If you want to bring the best part of a real kitchen to your child’s playroom, you should definitely consider getting a Joyin 36 piece cooking play toy. This toddler kitchen accessory comes with all the things that your child needs to practice cooking, including a microwave, stove, large dishwasher, sink, a range, cookie sheets, serving dishes, a cutting board, crock pot, non-stick skillets, cheese graters, marinades, spices, specialty dishes, and more. It is also very easy to assemble as all the included items come together in one handy package. Your toddler will love to spend time cooking in this special kitchen set and you will love how much they enjoy using it each and every day!

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