What Are The 4 Types Of Parenting Styles

What Are The 4 Types Of Parenting Styles

However, the spectrum of parenting is very vast. Different children, different families, and different habits. Still, we have studied some communities in the style types of parenting. As a parent, you must always be applying some various tricks and methods to train your children. However, the misery of parenting is you can not use the parenting style of your friends or relatives for your child. Researchers classified the parenting styles into four groups according to valuable discussion and surveys of parents. In addition, parenting is the association of distinct strategies and how you apply them for different situations. 

Diana Baumrind: Types Of Parenting

However, Diana Baumrind was a significant development and clinical phycologist. She had studied the relation between children’s behavior and parenting style in depth. In addition, She suggested applying psychological solutions for bringing up the child. Most of the modern rules for parenting based on Baumrind’s parenting principles. She has categorized the parenting styles as follows:

Disciplinarian or Authoritarian

Permissive or Indulgent



Types Of Parenting:

What Are The 4 Types Of Parenting Styles

What Are The 4 Types Of Parenting Styles

Authoritarian Parenting: Types Of Parenting

However, this parenting style recommends discipline, and so it is also known as disciplinarians. 

Authoritarian parenting follows the strict discipline and the punishment that should be involved in the violence of training or misbehavior. 

Parents strictly state the rules, and there is no explanation of rules.

But this kind of parenting style is not that much nurturing that your children can grow their interpersonal skills. 

Permissive Parenting: Types Of Parenting

When parents are friendly with their children, they seem to apply the indulged or permissive parenting style of Diana. Parents’ behavior is generous with their child. Most parents empower their children to do as they want. Parents guide as and when needed. However, no strict rules following the method are involved in permissive parenting. 

There are no strict rules 

Children are free to behave according to their understanding

Permissive parenting allows children to rectify the problems and how to get out of difficult situations.

Besides, parents never force children to do anything. Parents supposed to guide them, provide them a clear understanding of the positive and negative aspects of any activity. 

Parents make their children independent by allowing them to make decisions for themselves.

According to Diana, parents from this parenting style group are nurturing and warm.

In addition, parents never expect their children to behave according to the. The expectations are almost zero or minimal.

Uninvolved Parenting:

However, some parents do not know what to do and if they have confusion in making proper decisions for their children. In such a condition, parents let their children do what they want and never restrict them. Uninvolved parenting offers freedom with no restrictions. 

Parents never utilize any specific parenting style. 

It is likely to be less caring for children.

However, uninvolved parenting involves fewer expectations, but it is also less nurturing.

What Are The 4 Types Of Parenting Styles

What Are The 4 Types Of Parenting Styles

Authoritative Parenting

Parents of this category are nurturing and reasonable. In this parenting style, parents set clear and high expectations. They make their children self-discipline. Studies state that authoritative parenting is the most effective parenting style.

Parents explain the rules and also explain the reasons why to follow the rules

Parents frequently communicate with their children, and they also consider the understanding level of the children

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