What Is Involved With An Arizona Kids Care Center

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Their center in the Phoenix area serves children, men, women and senior citizens. Their programs provide medical care, social activities, education and free food for participants.

Main Areas Of Activity Provided By Arizona Kids Care

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There are five main areas of activity provided by Arizona Kids Care. They are Creative Arts Program, Early Intervention/First Steps, Prevention Services, and Family Development. Each of these areas of program focus on a specific population. The Creative Arts program offers art therapy for children and adults with developmental disabilities. This program focuses on drawing, painting, music, dance, and other art forms.

The Early Intervention/First Steps program works to identify problems at an early age and help solve the problem by encouraging children to develop healthy relationships and a strong sense of self. The prevention services include immunizations and prenatal care. These services are offered free of charge to all clients. The Family Development Center serves families with young children and their family caregiver. They are available for one on one counseling, guidance and educational programs, as well as programs that involve working with the child’s primary care giver.

Arizona Kids Care Also Offers A Social Service Programs

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This program targets individuals who may be at risk for employment discrimination. They work with employees and potential employers to ensure they are comfortable with the work environment. This center serves children from three to twenty years of age. They teach physical activities, emotional intelligence, communication skills, self-care and life skills.

Another important area of activity is the Healthy Day Care and Support program. The goal of this program is to create a safe, nurturing environment for children. It offers both residential and outpatient care, and serves families in the Phoenix area. This center accepts children as young as two. This center is one of the several in AZ that focus on working with at risk kids.

Community Day Care Centers

Community Day Care Centers has expanded in Arizona since its inception. This type of day care centers are similar to a preschool. However, instead of children going to school, they stay in a group home setting with other kids. The interaction with other children improves cognitive and social development. AZ kids care offers a variety of programs that help kids develop healthy behaviors and relationships.


Many community members are skeptical about the efficacy of these types of centers. But if you consider the services that are offered, you would realize that AZ kids care is indeed a worthy investment. Furthermore, when you read through their extensive website, you will get to know the various programs that they offer as well as the types of activities that are offered for kids. For those who need a little convincing, you could always check out the testimonials posted by former clients. You can also get in touch with other parents who have kids at these centers so that you can get first hand information on how well the program is run. If you are thinking of sending your child to an Arizona center, you should not hesitate to check out the above mentioned options for their child care programs.

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