What Toys Can Help A Child’s Development?

What Toys Can Help A Child's Development?

A child’s mind is pure, and they are ready to explore each and everything. Researchers have stated that playing with educational toys works wonders in a child’s development and learning. From very early parents should engage with kids in some activities through which they would learn something new. Being a parent, we should make sure that our child gets enough playtime with their toys can help a child’s development.

What Toys Can Help A Child's Development?
What Toys Can Help A Child’s Development?

From an early age, we should engage our children with educational toys as their little mind is expanding and ready to explore and learn new things. From infancy, they start learning about their surroundings and habitat. We should always behave properly and do good habits in front or children as they learn and copy what we parents do. Here are some information so as to make your child’s learning easy:

1-12 months old: In this period your child is developing senses and starts to recognize things. As your child continues to grow, you can begin with introducing toys that encourage more interaction and coordination. A child becomes more active and expands their mind, and they want to explore each and everything, so start introducing problem-solving toys or toys which sing rhymes as these will help children work through conflicts and learning process becomes easier. They will fail at first, but you have to keep them going and build their confidence.

Toys Can Help A Child’s Development

Some examples of great toys for your baby’s first year include:

  • Soothers or tethers 
  • Small toys with lights and sounds
  • Stackers or blocks of big sizes
  • Play gym exclusively designed for infants
  • Colorful mats 

12-24 months old: When your child is one-year, introducing the right toys to them will help you teach them coordination and balance. Your child  will become more mobile and they want do everything on their own. Introducing Themed play-sets are great between the ages of 12-18 months as they help in developing your child’s recognition skills and they try to remember it too. These toys also help with language development and social skills

What Toys Can Help A Child's Development?
What Toys Can Help A Child’s Development?

Examples of toys that will help your child reach new milestones between 1 and 2 years old include:

Push back cars

Stride and ride toys

Themed toys and books

Flash cards

2+ years: As your children become two years old, they become more active, you can also introduce toys that promote mental and physical play. There are many different toys like writing or scribbling boards that can help children practice writing or drawings small objects and hence contribute in developing their motor skills. Toys like a tricycle can also be introduced at this age bug make sure you teach them safety first. Even Reading books that have colorful pictures in them also help your child in learning and remembering quickly. 

Examples of toys that will help promote physical play and cognitive skill building include:

Tricycles and T-ball stands

Shapes differentiating toys

Drawing easel

Picture books

Magnetic building blocks

Number toys

It better Incorporating play in your child’s day as it can be both fun and beneficial to their growth.

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