Where To Find A Well-Certified WEE Care For Kids

wee care for kids

What are the operating hours of Wee Care for Kids, PA? The facility is open twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. The facility is closed on weekends and federal holidays. In the summer, the facility is open twenty-four hours a day. If it is a private clinic, the clinic is open morning, afternoon, and night.

When Should You Call

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When should I call in to make an appointment with the clinic? To make an appointment with the clinic, you will need to call the office of General Practitioner or an Orthodontist. They can be reached by phone at any time during business hours. The number to call when calling from the clinic is the same as the number for the office. The office staff will take your information and give you an appointment date.

What types of services are offered during office hours? The services offered vary depending on the day of the week and the day of the month. The majority of clinics offer the traditional treatment services such as teeth cleaning, checkups, and x-rays. Some offer additional services such as foreign medication, braces, dental services, ear exams, hair coloring, barber visits, and more. All of these services are covered under most insurance plans.

Types Of Conditions

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What types of conditions can I expect during a visit to a clinic? All patients are seen for general checkups. Posh kids and parents to visit the office for the first time and are immediately seen for a full physical. They are then scheduled for either an exam room visit or a one-visit with a licensed health care provider. A physical exam and history are taken.

X-rays are offered as well. This service is offered in many pediatric clinics across America. Specialists are available to evaluate any concerns and recommend treatment. If problems occur during a normal x-ray, the specialist will review the tape again to determine if further testing is needed. These types of x-rays may reveal broken bones, internal bleeding, or other problems that require further evaluation.

Are there vaccinations administered? There are various doses of shots available to prevent serious diseases. The schedules for appointments vary depending on how many children are being treated. Some vaccines are age specific, others are for booster shots after the age of 12 months. There are no shots required for routine administration of these shots.

Costs Associated With Wee Care

What are the costs associated with wee care for children? These visits are not covered by insurance plans. Parents who want to be treated with sensitivity must be sure to find out all fees beforehand. Be sure to ask what is covered and what is not. Some clinics are upfront and ask for the cost upfront, others have hidden costs.

Is it comfortable for children? Staff members should be friendly and personable with the children. A warm smile is always welcome. Many facilities are wheelchair accessible. If you need a wheelchair, see if you can bring one. Some have stairs to walk up and down from the bottom level.

What are the benefits of visiting these clinics? There are many benefits of using these clinics. One is that it offers privacy. You don’t have to go and talk to anyone when they knock at your door. You can leave your children in the care of the professional staff and wait until the exams are over, or the children have gone home. Some private practices don’t offer this much privacy.

Bottom Line

Are the costs reasonable? This is something many parents want to know about. Most clinics offer financing options to parents to help them cover the costs. If a parent doesn’t want to apply for a loan, some of the clinics offer payment plans for parents to use towards the cost of the treatments.

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