Your Last Will and Testament – Preparing a Will For Your Parents

list of things your parents do for you

A list of things your parents do for you starts with your birth certificate. Look through it and see if there’s a birth record that lists your parents’ name and birth date, then check the address listed on it. If it’s different than your own birth certificate (for example, if you were born in Canada and list Mexico as your address), look it up online; there are a lot of websites dedicated to making these kinds of records available. Otherwise, call your local court house and ask them if they have your birth certificate; chances are that they do. Keep this record in a safe place, and file a copy of it in your birth records cabinet.

Last Will and Testament

In your list of things your parents do for you, start cross-referencing your own birth records to make sure you’re getting the right people. Have your parents’ full names along with their given names, middle names, maiden names, and so on. If necessary, use more than one form; use your parents’ full names along with their maiden names in one set of records, and their married names in another set of records. You may also want to cross-reference other family members’ records (aunt, dad, siblings, etc. ), so that you know what relatives you already know.

When your list of things your parents do for you is complete, review it with a fine-toothed comb. Are there any inconsistencies in the list? For example, is your parents named both Daphne and Earline separately? Or did your parents have two last names, or multiple first names?

If any of the details on your list of things your parents do for you are wrong, have your parent(s) verify those details. For example, if your parent goes by Daphne and Earl, then they should list themselves as Daphne Earline and Earl. They should not list themselves as Daphne and Earline, since this would be an obvious error. They may also want to add a middle name to Daphne and Earl to make their last name less obvious.

Do you and your spouse/partner want to get divorced? If so, you’ll probably want to keep the divorce date as neutral as possible, unless you’re inclined towards a more drastic list of things your parents do for you after the separation. For instance, if your parents never wanted a divorce, but your parent(s) did, you can state that clearly on your separation agreement. Otherwise, you might want to consider getting a divorce on very bad terms. This is particularly true if your parent(s) abused you.

How many children does your family have? To get the correct answer to this question, it’s helpful to take some time and think about how many kids your parents really have. If your parents don’t have more than two kids, then they probably don’t have any other kids. However, if you think they may have added a child recently, then you can get a count. It helps to think in terms of proportions. One child is likely to be a handful for parents, but if you have a large number of kids, you may find that you have a problem settling in with a new home when it isn’t exactly what you want.

Do you want to change some aspects of your lifestyle? Sometimes, when a family gets a little older, people tend to grow apart. The best way to work through these issues is to start with a list of things your parents do for you that you can live without. Then, add things like working to those on the list, or even moving somewhere new if this is a possibility.

End Note

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As you can see, creating a list of things your parents do for you is very important because it gives you something concrete to look back to. If you feel as though you’re getting away from your roots, you may want to go back to this list of things your parents do for you and revamp it. On the other hand, if you feel as though you’re embracing a lot of the modern conveniences of life, this can be a great time to reflect on things that used to make life better. Whatever you decide, though, be sure to include this list of things your parents do for you in the final draft of your will.

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